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Are You Ready to Create a Profitable Facebook Profile?

I Want To PERSONALLY Show You How I Have Built My Profitable Facebook Profile in This 15-Day Workshop. Simple Step-By-Step Proven Marketing Steps, Daily Assignments, One-On-One Coaching, and More! …To Get Your Perfect Prospects Reaching Out To You Excited To Join You and Buy Your Stuffs!


Profitable FB Proflie Workshop

🗸  DAY 1: Get Pitched Less: Attract Business-Minded People.
🗸  DAY 2: Content! What Sets You Apart?
🗸  DAY 3: Facebook Algorithm LIVE EXAMPLE
🗸  DAY 4: Inside Workshop Warriors
🗸  DAY 5: My Three Favorite Strategies…
🗸  DAY 6: “HOT SEAT” Let’s Take A Look at Your Profile
🗸  DAY 7: Facebook Live Part 1
🗸  DAY 8: Facebook Live Part 2
🗸  DAY 9: Copywriting Part 1
🗸  DAY 10: Copywriting Part 2
🗸  DAY 11: Workshop Warriors Part 2
🗸  DAY 12: All About Posture
🗸  DAY 13: Build A Community
🗸  DAY 14: Clearing Technique
🗸  DAY 15: Discussion & Recap & Bonuses    

One-Time Payment

3-Payment Plan

Would you like to know HOW and WHY... seems that most people can make it look easy to get more engagement, leads and sales on Social Media?

WHY you may only be getting one or two people (thanks, mom!) on your FB Lives?

Ah yea—you’re are not alone on that one.

But before we get into the details of what this 15 Day Facebook Workshop has to offer…

… I want to let you know...

The daily tasks and assignments that you will be given are simple to do. But most people quit too early because they can’t believe that it can be this simple.

But not you.

BECAUSE… I know you’re not the type that giving up is an option.

In fact, the reason you’re stuck is a matter of NEEDING to connect the dots.

A piece of the puzzle is missing. But what piece?

You have invested and consumed just about all the information you could, looking for SOMETHING that will work, only to wonder why it hasn’t help yet.

Yup. I get it.

In fact, there’s countless others just like you who feel they don’t get it—being taught by someone who also felt like she didn’t get it until she got it. Get it?

I can’t tell you how much money I invested in training, seminars, events, courses, books, audios—I don’t wanna know. *shutters*

Our goal, together, is for you to #GetUnstuck.

That’s why I am including a personal one-on-one coaching session, just you and me, to go over every possible angle, idea, and action plan tailored to what you have going on right now.

And when you implement what you learned in the Workshop, you will be unstoppable.

So let’s get you more clear on how to move forward confidently to #RiseAboveTypical.

And that’s my mission.

Sound good so far?

Fact: You’re actually NOT failing at all…

Whether you are brand new, been in this industry for a while but haven’t had the results you want

or if you have a small team and looking to get bigger results…

… you are not a failure!

Each and every one of us are on a different part of our journey.

You are not behind.

There’s nothing wrong with you.

You are smart, you are funny, you are pretty (that includes you guys, too) and most of all…


In this 15 Video Workshop, you will see how I’ve built my business, generating free leads and sales just by building my Facebook Profile.

Most of you know I don’t hold back.

Are you ready to obtain #TrueFreedom?

Join the Workshop Today

One-Time Payment

3-Payment Plan

Here’s What You’ll Learn In This Workshop…

DAY 1: Using Attraction Marketing 

Get Pitched Less: Attract Business-Minded People. This isn’t your normal “How to Set Up Your Profile” This is about setting up your profile in a certain way is important to get pitched less (Unless you like getting pitched. I do. But that’s another module.) which includes: Intro, Profile and Cover Photo, Feature Photos, and certain Privacy Setting (i.e. Follow button)

DAY 2: Content! Where to Find It

Obviously Everywhere. But What Sets You Apart?  What are you posting now? What should you be posting? How often? What time? Are your posts set to ‘Public’ or ‘Friends’? Are you attract the right people for more engagement, leads, and sales? Because anyone can share a quote and stay broke.  

DAY 3: Control of the Facebook Algorithm

LIVE Example! Follow along and watch how you will instantly get more engagement on your post using this one simple trick once or more a week using a free Chrome Browser App.  

DAY 4: Inside Workshop Warriors

Peak Inside Our Weekly Workshop Warrior Group! Founded by Dave Reineke and (muah) Kati Stage, a Live Zoom training session we have been hosting for our personal team since May 2016, specifically designed to help people from many different companies to find their voice, and their WHY. A safe place to allow them to get out of their comfort zone.  

DAY 5: My Three Favorites…

“Stalker Status” Strategy, Follow Strategy, and Prime Time Posting. When to post for optimal engagement to grow my audience, getting noticed by Top Leaders in YOUR company, and learn how to never send a friend request again (if you don’t want to) but rather getting people reaching out to you first.  


Let’s Take A Look! Open up to your Facebook Profile, grab your favorite beverage, notepad, and pen, pencil, or crayon (No judgments. I prefer the latter, myself) and watch as we discuss ideas on how improve some of these FB Profiles.  

DAY 7: Facebook Live Part 1

Understand What Makes People Watch FB Lives. Why do we do FB Live, anyways? Why it’s important to watch your own replays? And, understand the minds of your audience and what makes them watch? This is where it really gets fun.  

DAY 8: Facebook Live Part 2

Speaking on Stage. Using this Public Speaking Formula to make sure you touch on the important factors when keeping your audience engaged: Heart, Hands, Head, Heart.  

DAY 9: Copywriting Part 1

What Does Copywriting Have to Do With FB? Everything. Once again we are getting into the minds of your audience by tapping into their human NEEDS. Communicate in a way that will have them buying from you over and over again.  

DAY 10: Copywriting Part 2

Get More Confident and Clear With Your CTA’s. Join us as we continue learning how to get into the minds of our audience by communicate in a way that will have them buying from you over and over again. This is the stuff Top Income Earners use in EVERY content they share.  

DAY 11: Workshop Warriors Part 2

Join Us Again In Our Weekly Workshop Warrior Group! Grab your favorite beverage and join us as we chat about being your true authentic self!  

DAY 12: All About Posture

Getting Added to Groups, Getting Pitched… How to Handle it! Yes, it’s annoying. But join me as I share how I use posture to turn that uninvited invite into a new lead or customer.  

DAY 13: Build A Community

Build It And They Will Come! If you want people to show up, you have to create a space for them to come in to. Join me as I give you the exact step by step process of what people have to go through in order to join the Workshop Warriors.  

DAY 14: Special Guest!

Time to Do Some Clearing! Join in as our Special Guest walks us through some techniques on how to overcome the things that are holding us back. Also, can something like meditation heal?  

DAY 15: Discussion & Recap

Adding Some Last Minute Bonus Information. Making sure every ‘t’ is crossed and ‘i’ dotted. Join us as we discuss what we just learned over the last 14 days, and how to keep moving forward using the skills that will last a lifetime. Also, Graduation Bonuses!  

Join the Workshop Today

One-Time Payment

3-Payment Plan

a few bragging rights...

Mars Burden

Colorado, USA

Michelle Shaeffer

California, USA


Kati is all about one mission and one mission only—GIVING VALUE!!!! When she shares her knowledge and insights of the industry, she doesn’t hold back. Anything she offers is worth the investment and way more.

Bruiser Brosey 

Pennsylvania, USA 


I recently finished a 15 day workshop with Kati Stage. She over delivered on Value. From ‘How to’ set up your profile like a piece of top Real Estate to ‘How to’ build a Successful Community that people want to be part of. 

Jacque Payne  

New Mexico, USA


Kati understands how Facebook works for getting the best results and teaches you how to make the changes you need to attract people to you so you don’t have to chase them.  

Deb Smith  

Wisconsin, USA 

Dave Reineke

Pinetown, KwaZulu-Natal

Jamie Shaw

Illinois, USA


Before I met Kati, I knew very little about Facebook. In fact, I didn’t like it at all. I would throw up the occasional quote hoping someone would see it. Kati offered her Facebook course to me, and the first thing, I noticed was that, this course was not a normal Facebook course. She really puts the time in and gives you everything she knows about Facebook.After taking her Facebook course, I now have the confidence to grow my business to new heights using Facebook. And the best part is, I don’t have to be on Facebook all day to do it. Her strategies give me the time to do other things in my day. If that were not enough, Kati is funny and has a great personality. Time well spent.  

Doug Rossello  

Pennsylvania, USA 


I have only known Kati for a couple of months but you could never really tell. She is the most genuine and caring person that I have felt so comfortable with this fast. Her gift is her passion and that is her ability to use Attraction Marketing through facebook live, and other skills she has mastered. Kati teaches others how to open up to where they need to be…she helps us cross hurdles we never thought we could and accept the fact we may have hidden confidence that we never knew existed.  Kati I am so glad that God had me to reach out to you. Kati Stage is defintely who you want. I love ya Lady!!!

Sherry Prince  

Georgia, USA


Connecting and working with Kati Stage has been one of the most enlightening experiences in my life. Her enthusiasm and positive mojo has been responsible for helping me to see online marketing from a brand new perspective. #RiseAboveTypical

I was burned out and frustrated. I dreaded taking the actions I had been taught in the past. But, Kati showed me a very simple and easy-to-implement approach to just about everything I was doing online that rekindled the fire that had fizzled out. #GetUnstuck

Kati also went the extra mile and helped me look deep inside myself to get to the core of my why and help me strategize my approach to reach my target market. #TrueFreedom

Tim Olsen  

California, USA 

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